While snack foods might be convenient, the packaged and processed options tend to encourage more snacking while not adding much nutrient-wise. Next time you’re hungry in between meals or need a quick pre- or post-training snack, opt for one of these.


198g Greek yogurt + half-cup fresh blueberries (200 calories)
High in protein, natural fats and probiotics, Greek yogurt is a staple in many athletes’ kitchens. Stick to a natural, full-fat yogurt (to better satiate) and add your own sweetness and antioxidant boost by topping with fresh blueberries, which have also been shown to support heart, brain and eye health.


85g chicken + 1 T mayo + 1 lettuce leaf (190 calories)
Baked, smoked or poached, chicken is a smart go-to snack for warding off hunger, as protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients. Have it by itself, or for more flavor add a little mayo or mustard and wrap into a lettuce leaf.


4 salmon nigiri (180 calories)
Supermarket sushi can make a great meal or the perfect athlete snack. Packed with carbohydrates, protein and omega-3 fats, sushi makes a convenient and low-calorie option. A low-cal veggie alternative is the cucumber roll (133 calories).


28g cheese + 1 medium pear (200 calories)
This sweet and salty combo also makes for a great pre- or post-workout snack with the carbohydrate-rich pear and small amount of protein and fats from the cheese. Go with a full-flavored natural cheddar for maximum flavor and nutrition.

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